My creative practice in new media is motivated by a deep curiosity to find new approaches for storytelling. Both as an individual artist and collaborating designer, I seek to find new ways technology can afford a multimodal perspective into non-fiction subjects. I’ve been inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s call to embrace the work of the “comprehensivist” — one who puts things together in new ways.”

Jess Irish is an award-winning media artist, working in experimental video, design collaborations, installation, and interaction. Her experimental films This Mortal Plastik (2021) For While (2019) and The Phantasmagoria of Offense (2018) have been screened internationally and have won multiple honors. 

Irish is an Associate Professor of Design & Technology at Parsons School of Design in NYC, where she teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses. She received her MFA in studio art from the University of California, Irvine (1996) and her second MFA in creative writing from The New School (2016). She lives in the Hudson River Valley with her family of humans and dogs.